The Crawleys go to the Big Apple

Downton Abbey The Exhibition

The Crawley’s are going to New York for Christmas and Mather & Co are thrilled to be there!

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition opens next month in the big apple for a limited engagement. The announcement came this week from NBCUniversal International Studios that New York will be the first stop on the exhibitions US tour with more locations to be announce at a later date.

Working with NBCUniveral and the award winning production team behind the TV series Mather & Co designed a fully immersive experience where visitors can explore everything from the servants’ roles to the key fashions and history from the time. Following the exhibitions first opening in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands earlier this year Mather & Co have continued to work closely with the team to help realize the experience in its new home in the empire state.

The exhibition welcomes fans to Downton Abbey where they can explore some of its most recognizable rooms from the authentically recreated downstairs sets to the opulent rooms of upstairs including the immersive recreation of the library and drawing room which come to life before the visitors eyes. Even the dining room has been recreated in all its splendor with the an animated version of the Van Dyke painting taking pride of place. With over 50 costumes and some never before seen props from the show visitors can immerse themselves in the world of Downton Abbey once again.

The exhibition will take up its residence on the 18th November at 218W. 57th St in Manhattan. Read more here:

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