Tech-ing it old school

Mather & Co. looks into how technology has changed the museum world

In 2015 it’s impossible to escape gadgets with all of us guilty of becoming too absorbed in the latest apps and devices.

However, we often forget that technology goes beyond the smartphone in our pocket and is all around us from billboards to ATMs.

More importantly (to us anyway) technology has transformed the exhibition world. We’ve been around for a while now and we’ve seen huge developments in the industry and how we execute projects.

When we did the Arsenal Experience, it was ahead of its time with A/V films and 3D computer models but in comparison to the latest projects like Archives+, it’s clear how technology has become more prominent in design. With the impressive ‘Virtual Stack’, where visitors can explore the archives virtually opening digital boxes to look through historic documents, this is a prime example of how technology has advanced and improved the visitor experience.

Whilst visitors have become increasingly tech savvy, there is a danger of including technology for technology’s sake. Displays can quite easily become a gimmick just so the latest technology can be used so it’s important to consider whether it’s really the best route to take.

But technology can also add that extra dimension visitors crave. Almost everyone has a touchscreen at home whether it’s their phone, iPad or computer, etc.  It’s our job to find the next big thing and incorporate fresh ideas into our projects: who knows what the next thing will be!