York Minster Completion Celebration

The final part of the 600-year old Great East Window at York Minster was reinstalled earlier this week, on Tuesday the 2nd January 2018. “The window was originally completed in 1408 by glazier John Thornton who was paid £56 by the Chapter of York” (BBC News, 2018).

Back in 2012 Mather & Co designed an exhibition within York Minster known as ‘The Orb.’ The orb was part of the £10.5 million five year project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The metallic dome was 10 metres wide and 3 metres tall, which sat within York Minster’s Lady Chapel.

The purpose of the orb was to showcase five conserved panels of stained glass taken from the Great East Window during the restoration project. Four of the five panels were permanently on display whilst one changed each month allowing visitors to get up close and appreciate the magnificent detail on the stained glass panels.

York Minster welcomed over 1.4 million visitors in the 3 years that the orb was installed and the striking installation won the 2014 York Design Award for Landscape / The Public Realm – Including Urban Design.

Six years and 311 panels later York Minster have fully restored Great East Window!


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