A Spring In Our Step With The Springbok Experience

Following the thrilling conclusion to this year’s Six Nations rugby fever still grips the world. There are just six months until England will hold host to the 2015 Rugby World Cup and with the recent announcement that The Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour will take place across the U.K., we couldn’t be more excited

But in South Africa, rugby is much more than just a game, it’s a way of life. This was at the forefront of our mind, when in 2013 we were briefed to reinvent Cape Town’s The Springbok Experience. The 800m2 project took 10 months to complete, but all the hard work paid off as we created a world-class interactive museum that boosted visitor numbers from 2,500 to 41,000.

There’s no greater buzz than the praise of a client, or in fact the general public, when a project is finished. We have received some fantastic reviews, so check out our specially created video for testimonials on The Springbok Experience:

Springbok Testimonial from Mather & Co on Vimeo.

As for the views of the general public, trip advisor raves about The Springbok Experience, listing it at #27 of 191 things to do in Cape Town: We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves.

BirdieN, calls it “A must for rugby fans:”
‘I’ve been very eager to visit and was finally able to go end of 2014. What a lovely interactive showcase for South African rugby. The museum is definitely an experience rather than a stuffy museum. Lovely information and memorabilia – and a great souvenir shop to stock up on the latest jerseys! Treat the rugby fan in your life to this place!”

Elena_fourie said:
“This was my second visit to the museum, and I still get chills! The history is absolutely fascinating, even if you’re not a Springbok supporter. It gives you an insight into the beginning of rugby in South Africa, and is also very interactive.”

If you get a chance to visit Cape Town, add The Springbok Experience to your to do list.