How do we make office environments better for staff wellbeing?

In light of recent events with the global coronavirus pandemic, many businesses will be re-assessing their office space to make them as safe as possible whilst also still accommodating a productive place of work for employees and visitors.

Prior to COVID 19, we were already experiencing a trend for offices to be much more than a desk and a computer. People wanted more ‘experiential’ offices, social spaces that can help to support the mental and physical wellbeing of employees.

A high number of workers will spend more time per week in the office than they do in their own home, so making the workplace a productive, safe environment is putting your company one step ahead of competitors.

Ensuring there are various spaces in an office for employees to work is vital. These spaces could also include social spaces, relaxation rooms, gyms, creative rooms, silent rooms and so on. Incorporating these facilities for employees could improve staff turnover, productivity and loyalty to a company.

Commercial Design

Each individual works and learns differently. Some may be more productive in a library-type environment, and others may work better in a more creative space where their imagination can run wild – an experience they could not get in a standard office space.

Many businesses spend a large percentage of their day hosting meetings with external clients; in this case creating a visitor hub could be a great solution. These arrival spaces could include key milestones of the company, insights from employees or immersive experiences so visitors get a real feel of the organisation. This extra step means people will remember your brand or company just by visiting your office environment alone.

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