Hydro Ness

Mather & Co bring creative energy to River Ness.

Hydro Ness is now up and running – delivered by the Highland Council with the support of design company, Mather & Co.

Hydro Ness is a flagship sustainability, self-financing project worth £2.67m, which has delivered a new 92kW ‘Archimedes Screw’ hydroelectric scheme and interpretive visitor experience on the River Ness.

Visitor attraction designers, Mather & Co, worked alongside the Highland Council to design and develop interpretation within the hydroelectric scheme. Mather & Co’s role within the project was to create a site that offers educational information about the Hydro, climate change and other important topics for visitors and school groups. It is hoped this will contribute to their STEM learning - showing young enthusiasts a practical example of green engineering that can help contribute to a better Highland.

"We are really grateful for the creativity and enthusiasm Mather & Co have brought to the project.”
Martin MacDonald, Project Manager, Hydro Ness
Hydro Ness

Mather & Co has developed an interpretive experience through the new landscaped area, which includes crafted benches, interpretive panels, lighting, a tree grate around the ‘jubilee tree’ and interpretation for the buried time capsule. The Hydro Ness will provide an engaging experience for all ages, using interpretation to promote several key messages across the site.

Hydro Ness

The hydroelectric scheme will generate electricity using a hydro turbine to power approximately 50% of the electricity use at Inverness Leisure Centre. Hydro Ness showcases how science and nature can work together to make the world a better place and to encourage visitors to think about their personal impact on the environment.

Hydro Ness is now open to the public.

Hydro ness