Mather & Co designed World Rugby Hall of Fame announces new inductees at gala celebration

Rugby Hall of Fame

Five new legends will join the existing 132 players in the Rugby Hall of Fame this week. The ceremony will take place on Friday 10th of November 2017, at the World Rugby Hall of Fame, Rugby, UK, which was designed by Mather & Co in 2016.

The venue displays artefacts from World Rugby’s own collection, as well as memorabilia loaned by the member unions and World Rugby Hall of Fame inductees. Mather & Co, which worked with World Rugby and Rugby Borough Council on this project, has previously designed sporting museums both in the UK and across the world, including the Springboks Experience in Cape Town, which looks at the history of rugby in South Africa, and The Nevin Spence Centre, an attraction focusing on rugby in Ulster.

New inductees include:

Al Charron (Canada)

Fabien Pelous (France)

Felipe Contepomi (Argentina)

Phaidra Knight (United States)

Rob Andrew (England)

Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

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