Mather & Co. looks back on Street’s success

As Manchester bids a fond farewell to what has become one of its most popular attractions, Coronation Street: The Tour, we take a look at the street’s success over the past 20 months of operation.

The old Quay Street set, where the soap was filmed from 1960 until production moved to MediaCityUK in 2013, has seen more than 850,000 people travel from all over the world to walk its famed cobbled streets.

Young and old alike have a fond affection for the set that has become a staple of television viewing for over 50 years, and were eager to visit the attraction since its public opening in April 2014.

Mather & Co. originally teamed up with operating group Continuum and ITV to transform the iconic Coronation Street studios and set into an immersive and engaging attraction.

This exclusive behind the scenes tour gave visitors the unique opportunity to walk down the cobbled street, have their picture taken behind the bar at the iconic Rovers Return and truly experience the soap’s rich history.

The team designed the tour with the narrative of the street in mind, from spatial planning and internal layout of the sets, to props and visitor routing.