Mather & Co’s Design of Silverstone Experience Redefines Museum Learning to Inspire a New Generation of Engineers

Silverstone Experience

The Silverstone Experience at the home of British Motor Racing, takes experiential learning within museums and visitor attractions to a whole new level. The attraction which opened this month delivers an immersive learning experience that puts visitors right at the heart of the action.

The cutting-edge experience promotes STEM learning (science, technology, engineering & maths) throughout and allows visitors to get up close with F1 engines and parts and become an engineer involved in the design and engineering process. The on-site Silverstone Technology University was involved in the development of some exhibits for the ‘Tech Lab’ ensuring a relationship with local students and teachers was built from the outset.

Silverstone Experience

Learning has almost been a bi-product of museums and visitor attractions in the past, but attractions must work harder than ever to engage students in creative ways outside the classroom. Gone are the stuffy museums of the past. The role is to inspire the next generation by creating new experiences they cannot get anywhere else. Silverstone has shifted the goal posts and goes well beyond other museums to offer some of the best immersive and interactive learning experiences in the sector.

For visitors to be able to get involved in challenges facing the engineers of the past and present in such amazing surroundings – whilst being stood next to the Silverstone race circuit, exclusive F1 and motorbike parts and the personal collections of many of our motor racing heroes, means the Silverstone Experience isn’t simply just another motor museum.

Silverstone Experience

The Tech Lab includes interactive challenges that inspire young people to become the engineers of the future. It has a series of educational stations including tyres, brakes, suspension, engines, dynamics, sensors, transmission and materials used attracting visitors to test their skills in each area. Using AV touchscreens and physical interactives, visitors can design a bike or car, change a tyre, test aerodynamics in a wind tunnel or test tyre grip. On Level 1 they can even train to be a Wellington bomber crew (Silverstone has military heritage too) and design their own 1948 racing car for the first Grand Prix ever held at Silverstone.

Through interacting and participating in an active way across the experience visitors are responding to real-life scenarios that faced the drivers, engineers and pilots of the past, and the ever-advancing design process to create better and safer F1 cars of the future. It’s no surprise that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex became a patron of the attraction as it offers so much in the way of opportunities to inspire young minds and learn. It’s a chance you simply don’t get anywhere else, and it will fulfil its aim to encourage the next generation of engineers into the industry.

Silverstone Experience

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