Norwegian Olympic Museum hits 20,000 visitors in its first year of opening

Norwegian Olympic Museum

Mather & Co is celebrating success with client the Norwegian Olympic Games Museum, as it hit 20,000 visitors in its first year of opening.

Mid-February marked twelve months since the Mather & Co designed museum opened within the Maihaugen Museum complex in Lillehammer.  Between February and Christmas 2016, there were 17,000 visitors – double the number of visitors to the former museum, successfully tripling the number of domestic visitors to its doors.

“We hit our target of 20,000 visitors which has swelled the number of people visiting the rest of the Maihaugen Museum Complex too,” explains museum director Jostein Skurdal.

“It’s been a great success for us and although we would still like to attract more locals to the museum, the growth in our visitor numbers is a positive benchmark in our first year of being open in our new location.”

The museum celebrates Norwegian sportspeople and tells the story of the country’s Olympic values to future generations. It looks at a rich history of winter sport in Norway. From legendary explorer Fridtjof Nansen’s original skis to legendary Thorleif Haug’s first Winter Olympic Gold in 1924 to eight-times Olympic biathlon champion Ole Einar Bjørndalen, visitors can explore how Norway has inspired and developed winter sport worldwide and now leads the medal table as the most decorated country at the Winter Games ever.

“I see this as an excellent start and a bright future for the museum going forward – we’d like to add another ten thousand visitors in 2017 to this year’s numbers but I believe that’s more than achievable,” concludes Jostein Skurdal.