PSG History Room – Q&A with Jonathan Candan

Back in 2019, Mather & Co was invited to work with French cinematic company MK2 to develop a new immersive exhibition as part of the Stadium Tour at Parc des Princes, home of Paris Saint Germain FC. This month we spoke to Jonathan Candan, General Manager of YWF, the company which manages the PSG Experience, about how the PSG History Room has been received by visitors.

It has been just over a year since the opening of the PSG History Room. How many visitors have visited the exhibition within the first year?

Since the opening of the History Room back in 2019, over 100,000 people have come to visit the exhibition and History Room. Due to the global pandemic, these figures were from August 2019 – March 2020. The History Room has been received very well by visitors and allows them to explore the heritage of the club.

What do visitors say their favourite part of the exhibition is and why?

Feedbacks says the trophy wall is amazing. This is where they can retrace the successes of Paris Saint-Germain from the 1982 French Cup to 2019 when they became French champions. Also, the movie projected on seven different screens which play simultaneously.

How was MK2 involved in the development of this exhibition at Parc des Princes?

MK2 were involved in the supervision of the production of textual and video assets. We participated in the writing of the film and the trophies wall.


In your opinion, what role does the PSG History Room play in visitor engagement within the stadium tour?

The PSG History Room is vital to visitor engagement because fans expect to see a museum with the trophies, the history of the team and club. They want to learn about PSG and its history, which they can do in the History Room.

Does the History Room bring footfall to the stadium outside match days?

The History Room has helped to attract more visitors compared to a simple stadium tour without any museum and it is a high value asset to have when you operate a stadium tour. It gives visitors more reasons to visit outside match days.

What was it like working with Mather & Co?

Working with Mather & Co was fantastic, the team has a unique creative force. Mather & Co are a friendly and approachable team, whilst also being highly professional and delivering the best standard of work.

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