Why office space matters to your business

Office space is hugely important for businesses; where we work shapes what we do. Over the past few years, businesses have been waking up to the impact a well-designed office space can have on their success.

Tech giants such as Apple and Google pioneered the trend for experiential office spaces that offer far more than just traditional desks and cubicles, to ensure maximum worker engagement and productivity. Steve Jobs famously insisted that the bathrooms and co-working spaces at the Apple Headquarters were built in the centre of its open-plan office, with the hopes of encouraging chance interactions and ad-hoc creative meetings.

Although, of course, few businesses have Apple’s multi-billion-dollar budgets, there’s certainly a lot of logic behind redesigning office spaces. Current design trends leaning towards creating open spaces that allow for collaborative working – after all, communication comes more naturally when there are fewer barriers in the way. Open-plan spaces also foster a more positive and sociable working environment, as it makes it easier to share ideas.

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However, each workplace is different and, as such, each has a different culture and different requirements, which should be taken into consideration when looking into transforming the office space. Businesses boasting features such as slides and ball pits have become commonplace over recent years, usually geared towards a Millennial workforce who are more likely to expect a fun, laid-back working environment. By investing in your office space and tailoring it according to the needs of your employees, you can expect to be rewarded with a happier and more productive workforce.

It’s not just workers that will be impacted by your office, either. What visitors see and experience within the space, and the message that it sends to them, will leave a lasting impression. If your building is a modern, well thought-out space, it will immediately portray your business as being at the forefront of your sector.

We recently completed a new visitor hub at Morson Group in Salford, an engineering recruitment company, to coincide with its 50th anniversary. The hub includes a 16-screen installation, which showcases the different fields that it recruits personnel for, from pharmaceuticals to aeronautics. We also installed a digital timeline display of its history, as well as providing all-new interior design for the visitor hub and meeting area, including full fit-out, furniture and a brand-new coffee station. It will create an immersive, interacted branded experience for staff and employees alike, emphasising the values of the business whilst improving the overall working environment for employees.

Commercial Interior Design

Your office space matters – it’s imperative to your current staff, but also has an impact on the overall success of your business. To find out how we can transform your workplace, get in touch.