Working with Mather & Co…

As leading museum exhibition designers, our work is often only recognised when we complete a project, but what is it like to work with Mather & Co during the exhibition development process?

As a close-knit company we pride ourselves on the solid relationships we hold with each of our clients. Below are a few  of our current clients voicing their experience of working with Mather & Co and explaining the various services we provide:

Project – R&A World Golf Museum

“What would have been a challenging project at the best of times has been made considerably harder by lockdown and home-working over the past year.  The team at Mather & Co have been brilliant in supporting us every step of the way – always available with their time, expertise and encouragement, helping to ensure we remain on track.”

Laurie Rae, Senior Curator at the British Golf Museum

Project – Ipswich Museum

“Ipswich Borough Council appointed Mather & Co to develop and deliver Ipswich Museum’s new gallery design as part of a C£8.0m National Lottery Heritage Fund redevelopment project. Mather & Co have formed an excellent professional relationship. Working alongside the main design team and core Museum Staff- developing the interpretation plan from initial concepts (2020 -21) through to delivery (2022 – 2025).

The initial process consists of concept design, public and stakeholder consultation, and involves working closely with project architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and importantly, the activity plan consultants to develop a proposal to engage with new and existing audiences that are attracted to the Museum. Mather & Co have also worked closely with Museum staff to dovetail the plans into the business, marketing, branding and on-line digital proposals. The Interpretation Plan that Mather & Co are producing, is seen as one of the key elements, resulting in long term sustainability to the Museum.”

James Mellish, NLHF Heritage Project Manager at Ipswich Borough Council

Project – Aberystwyth University, New Life for Old College Project

“We’ve had some six months working with the Mather team now as we develop our plans to open new galleries as part of the Old College redevelopment in Aberystwyth. Our plans are to open three permanent and three temporary galleries to attract 200,000 visitors a year to a new heritage attraction, which we plan to open by 2023 to celebrate 150 years of the University.

We faced a huge challenge in identifying and locating items and stories for our displays from some collections across the various University departments, with some collections which are well developed in terms of understanding their significance and contents, and others less. The team at Mather & Co were thus tasked with guiding our newly appointed Collections Officer in engagement activities across the various stakeholders and sources at the same time as we developed with our architect’s plans for the Victorian gothic building to provide suitable spaces to present our collections and stories.

We look forward to delivering the potential for our new galleries which has been evidenced and developed in just a few months and have thoroughly enjoyed building our understanding and appreciation of the challenges and possible solutions which have benefited immensely from the input and support of the Mather team.”

Jim O’Rourke, Project Manager for the New Life for Old College Project, Aberystwyth University

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