World Storytelling Day: Storytelling through Design

Today marks World Storytelling Day and we want to celebrate the various stories we tell through design in our projects. Every project we undertake has a unique story for a specific audience and we showcase those stories in imaginative ways through objects, AV, scriptwriting and graphics.

Below outlines a handful of the stories we have told…

St Albans Cathedral – Mather & Co was engaged by St Albans to communicate the story of Britain’s First Saint and the role the Cathedral has played in the nation’s history in a more compelling way in order to educate and entertain visitors to the cathedral. This helped to engage new audiences, in particular locals, day-trippers, special educational needs (SEND) visitors and younger audiences (18-35-year olds).

National Coal Mining Museum – Our new ‘Light in the Darkness’ exhibition tells the story of how Sir Humphry Davy developed his Flame Safety Lamp and how his invention evolved to save miners’ lives. Visitors can learn about the problem the miners were facing, and take part in a number of science themed interactives with Davy that led him to create the lamp.

National Paralympics Heritage Centre – Telling the story of the Paralympic Movement, the Heritage Centre showcases objects, documents and memorabilia including rare tickets, medals, sports kit, photographs and programmes that were previously held in storage and not available to the general public. The exhibition not only tells the amazing stories of the Paralympic athletes but it has also taken disability access to the maximum. 90% of users felt that this exhibition was the most accessible they had visited in the UK.

Paralympic Heritage Centre

Quarry Bank Mill – Mather & Co worked with the National Trust to redesign Quarry Bank Mill as a complete site with a new welcome building and six individual venue experiences. In the mill, visitors can learn about the amazing story of daily life, process and engineering by putting themselves in the mill workers’ shoes. The overall story focuses on the dramatic first 50 years of the mill’s history, a period which saw Quarry Bank at its most globally significant belonging to the first generation of cotton mills in the world.

The Silverstone Experience – The Silverstone Experience tells the ‘whole’ Silverstone story for the first time and is designed to inform, entertain, educate and inspire, whilst encouraging visitors to anticipate the future shape of British motor sport and to become part of that future.

If you have a story to tell, contact Mather & Co to see how we can help.