Internship feedback from Naomi.

Mather & Co welcomed Naomi for a three-month internship as part of her university course. Naomi is a talented Interior Design student at Manchester Met University. Throughout her internship, she worked closely with our 3D design team. Here’s her feedback on the internship!

3D design

Can you describe the primary projects you worked on during your internship at Mather & Co?

During my internship at Mather & Co, I've been involved in designing a room with the theme of "Legacy" for Lloyd George. This project required exploring the concept of legacy and reflecting it in the room's design, considering how his life has impacted us positively and negatively today.

In addition, I've been researching sustainable museum designs, studying projects that have integrated sustainability and looking into how Mather & Co can incorporate these approaches into their designs.

What new skills or techniques did you learn during your internship?

One significant skill I have developed is confidence, which I acquired through working in a professional environment and engaging with other companies to discuss their materials and how to incorporate them into sustainable designs. Additionally, I have honed my ability to present my work in various ways, adapting the presentation based on the client's preferences to effectively convey the intended idea to them. I have also expanded my proficiency in design and 3D modeling by challenging myself to tackle new and unfamiliar design projec

Were there any design challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

One design challenge I faced was working on the Lloyd George Legacy space. Since it was a new theme, there was a loose concept and specific objects that needed to be included in the room to guide the design of the space. Previously, I had only worked on fixed designs, so it was a challenge for me to design a space that would adapt over time while planning with the client what to include within it. Dealing with this challenge has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of how to create a design in many ways.

How do you think this internship experience has prepared you for your future career in design?

This internship has prepared me for my future career as an interior designer. I have learned not only how to improve my design skills, but also how to understand the tendering process for a project and work within a budget. These are aspects that were not covered in my university project

What did you learn about the museum and exhibition design industry from your time at Mather & Co?

I have learned about various materials used in Museum and Exhibition design, as well as how to create sustainable designs for the industry. Additionally, I have gained knowledge about technical design for museum cases, materials, and lighting, which I can apply to future Museum and Exhibition design projects, and also adapt to other areas of design.

Did this internship influence your career goals or interests in any way?

This internship has shaped my career interests, as it has solidified my desire to work for a company where employees are passionate about their work. Being surrounded by these individuals made the work environment enjoyable and significantly inspiring.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Working with Mather & Co has been a pleasure. I am very grateful for having been given the opportunity. I have learned a range of skills and knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to acquire solely from my university education. I will be going into my final year and then onto my career with confidence, thanks to what this internship has given me. Thank you, Mather & Co!