Mather & Co link with Carnoustie to create unique photo opportunity.

Mather & Co collaborated with Carnoustie Golf Links and their contractors to create a unique photo opportunity - delivering a memorable experience for visitors at the Links.

As part of a wider future clubhouse refurbishment, Mather & Co looked at re-planning the retail and visitor welcome spaces. A special addition to the retail area is an official commemorative photo opportunity, designed to offer visitors a chance to create a personalised souvenir photo.

Mather & Co, in collaboration with the Carnoustie Golf Links team and their contractors, took charge of the spatial planning and execution of this interactive photo opportunity. The physical layout of the space was carefully considered in consultation with Noonah, ensuring that it would accommodate users comfortably while meeting the necessary hardware and software requirements.

The centerpiece of the photo booth is two interactive screens. One screen displays the final photo result, accompanied by captivating images of the prestigious Carnoustie Golf Links courses. The other screen enables visitors to select and customise their preferred display options. To create an immersive atmosphere, the photo booth is adorned with panoramic graphics that span all surfaces, showing the breathtaking beauty of the Carnoustie Golf Links Championship Course.

This unique photo opportunity provides a memorable experience for visitors to the Links, allowing them to capture a cherished memento of their round at the venue considered to be Golf’s Greatest Test.