Wayfinding and Signage

Navigating Gretna Green's Heritage.

Mather & Co are responsible for the design of the acclaimed Gretna Green Experience, which opened to the public in April 2022. Mather & Co returns to seamlessly enhance the visitor journey through a new wayfinding and signage system.

Wayfinding and Signage

The Gretna Green Experience, which captivated its audience since its grand opening in April 2022, now embarks on a new chapter of visitor engagement. The primary goal was not only to guide visitors through the main Blacksmith site but also to forge connections with adjacent attractions like the Old Toll Bar and Gretna Hall, forming a unified visitor experience across the full site.

"Gretna Green has a real focus on visitors and how to improve their sites for wedding parties, daily tourists, and the local community."
Alec Hawkins, Graphic Designer, Mather & Co
Wayfinding an Signage

Our approach to the new wayfinding system marries form and function, reflecting the essence of Gretna Green’s narrative. The integration of materials in the wayfinding reflects the experience and retail – ensuring a visual cohesive visitor journey. By employing perforated steel panels on main site map totes, Mather & Co achieves a balance of aesthetics and functionality. By stripping away the accumulated signage, visitors can seamlessly navigate throughout the renowned historical site.

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