Museum Exhibition Design Trends

Museum Exhibition Design Trends.

Gone are the days of stuffy and quiet museums. In today's world, people seek unique experiences, an escape from reality, and a place where they can immerse themselves and express their creativity. With this in mind, we have asked our designers about the trends that are currently shaping museums. Read on to discover their insights.

Museum Exhibition Design Trends

Beyond Observation

Museums are embracing technology to create more interactive experiences for visitors. Artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality are breaking down barriers between exhibitions and visitors. This trend is expected to evolve further, with museums becoming detached from the traditional architectural structures we know today. In the future, museums may become accessible from anywhere and at any time through AV/VR technology, allowing users to engage with content in their own time and in a way that suits them.

Versatile Spaces

Flexible spaces are the way forward. Museums are designing spaces that can be easily adapted for temporary exhibitions, events, workshops, and more. This approach allows museums to become living, breathing, and evolving entities that can attract repeat visitors.

Green Design

Sustainability is a significant consideration in museum design. Exhibitions are using recycled materials and exploring fabrication techniques to create environmentally friendly building blocks. Museums are also incorporating interchangeable design elements, such as flexible graphic solutions, which can be refreshed and updated without requiring a full strip out. Community garden projects are also becoming a popular addition to museum sites, promoting well-being for the local community.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is becoming increasingly important in museum design - especially here at Mather & Co! As we move forward, museums must understand how best to meet the needs of their communities. Local communities want to feel that they have a say in the ongoing development of their museums and that their voices are being heard.

The future of museums is exciting, with a host of opportunities for engaging visitors, experimenting with different technologies, and working closely with communities.

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