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Is there a virtual future for sports stadiums?

The global pandemic, COVID-19, is shaping the way we live our everyday lives - from Zoom business meetings to virtual museum tours. In the technology-led world we live in, virtual activities are slowly but surely replacing real life social activities.

For some sectors, it may be highly beneficial to offer their services in a virtual way, however for sports stadiums – this is still a contentious issue.

To some, watching sport is an experience, from the smells and cold hard seats to the cheering alongside fellow fans. There is also a deep connection with their local sports stadium that can only be felt when stood in the stands, rather than in a virtual way.

But stadiums around the world fell silent back in March 2019. A normal match day for international sports stadiums can attract around 90,000 fans – is it possible to provide an experience that could connect with fans in the same way and recreate the atmosphere they so love?

A high percentage of top sports stadiums are also starting to offer experiences beyond matches, such as meet and greets, stadium tours, spaces for corporate/celebration events – which again, if these experiences were offered in a more virtual way, would the value of the experience dramatically drop?

Below is a video of two Chelsea FC season ticket holders who miss watching the live matches at Stamford Bridge – Telecoms Company Three presents: Back to the Bridge. Three recreates the excitement of a stadium during a game – is this our future?

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