Museum Feasibility Study

We are more than just exhibition designers: Explore feasibility studies with us…

In the world of ventures and projects, having a great idea is not enough. It's important to understand its feasibility. At Mather & Co, we work with our clients to undertake feasibility studies to determine if their objectives and visions are achievable and create a roadmap for achieving them.

Mather & Co has been delivering some of the world's most successful exhibitions, attractions, tours, and museums since 1995. We pride ourselves on considering the entire "experience" package from an interpretative and experiential perspective, as well as a practical and commercial one. Our team includes individuals who have previously operated museums or attractions and therefore understand the practical implications of going live. This enables us to provide an experienced approach to future maintenance, seasonality, flexibility, and operation.

A well-executed feasibility study can be the difference between success and failure. But what exactly does it involve?

Stage 1 - This stage involves gathering information, conducting market research, and developing initial concept ideas.

  • Define the brief and requirements.
  • Establish the legacy for the project.
  • Analyse market demand.
  • Analyse market supply.
  • Determine possible location options.

Stage 2 - This stage establishes a clear recommendation for the chosen concept option based on viability, design, risk, and physical requirements.

  • Recommend the concept option and business model for the attraction.
  • Establish a suitable visitor projection and seasonal flow.
  • Create a financial model with outlined delivery costs and possible funding routes available.
  • Propose any additional commercial opportunities for the attraction.
  • Detail the attraction's potential impact (economic and social).
  • Develop a strategy for the acquisition or collection of assets/objects.

Stage 3 - This stage involves delivering a final feasibility study report, including all workstreams outlined in the previous phases.

  • Provide a feasibility study report, including market justification for the project, chosen business model, and outline financial model demonstrating viability.
  • Outline concepts for the attraction, including design concepts that respond to the brief and set out the potential visitor experiences, commercial opportunities, and sustainable legacies for future development.
  • Set out a clear action plan for next steps.
  • Provide a template and scope for the next phase of work.

How Mather & Co can help:

We offer more than just exhibition design. We provide experience in master planning, destination planning, commercial and operational objectives, creative design, collections display, and narrative to achieve a well-rounded experience for our visitors. As a team, we know how to maximise the potential of spaces, promote visitor engagement, and celebrate heritage.

If you have a project idea, please get in touch to see how we can help you bring your vision to life.

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